Friday, October 18, 2019

Creative Innovation in an Organisation Coursework

Creative Innovation in an Organisation - Coursework Example As aptly put by Robbins (1993, p. 679), â€Å"in the dynamic world of global competition, the innovative organisation is more adaptive and more likely to thrive.† Against this background, this report seeks to evaluate the extent to which organisations that have fostered an innovative culture have revitalised their operations by paying particular attention to Sony Corporation. Thus, the relevant question is: How can an organisation become more innovative? As such, this report is divided into different categories that deal with different aspects of the concept of innovation and how they are being applied in the operations of Sony Corporation. The report starts by describing the organisation and what it does and this will be followed by a clear explanation of the mission and vision of the organisation and the importance of innovative management in their strategic plan. Then after this, the report is divided into four tasks which focus on different aspects of innovative management . The first task seeks to evaluate the current creative and innovative process used by Sony Corporation in comparison to other organisations. The second task focuses on ways that can be implemented to positively embrace innovation and change. The third task looks at factors that influence as well as drive the organisation to develop creative and innovative management process. The last task looks at the rationale of persuading others to effect change in an organisation. ... The last task looks at the rationale of persuading others to effect change in an organisation. 1.1 Description of the organisation Sony Corporation was founded in 1946 and it specialises in manufacturing home appliances like audio and video gadgets or entertainment such as motion pictures and musicas well as DVDs, LCD televisions, information and communications or electronics such as AV/IT products & components like printers and monitors according to its official website. The Sony Group also deals with game such a s PlayStation and Financial Services which include insurance and banking sectors. Sony Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo Japan. The company seeks to entrench its position through representing a wide range of business in electronics while retaining its uniqueness globally. According to information obtained from its official website, Sony's R&D mission is as follows: "Technology for Inspiration and Shared Experience." Until recently, the framework for consumer experience has been described as "Take/Capture, View, Store, Listen, Create." This motto encompassed the basic services and products offered by this organisation. The vision of the organisation is â€Å"to fully leverage on this uniqueness in aggressively carrying out our convergence strategy so that we can continue to emotionally touch and excite our customers.† The company is specifically concerned with establishing itself a force to reckon with in the electronics industry globally. However, information obtained fro m its official website posits to the effect that different forms of enjoyment are also emerging.

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